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hey guys. i'm finally attempting to do my application. i'm in complete disbelief that i'm gonna try this... so here it goes...

Name: Emily S. Lehman
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Location: Glendale
Who invited you? um, like everyone that's already in lil_shoobs...i'm being forced to join. just kidding, i'm really very excited.
Innie or Outtie? innie (they're the best! no offense anyone, lol)
Top 5 favorite pimp’n words: kalamazoo, delectable, yo-yo, jaques, escargo
Top 5 favorite pimp’n bands: the format, something corporate, yellowcard, no doubt, outkast
Favorite time of day to pick your boogers: by the light of the silvery moon
What should I name my next alpaca? bunkie
What would you do if you peed your pants in a chocolate factory? i would have them make me a yummy pair of chocolate pants... that way i could just eat them later.
Will you prank call my Grandma? of course, what have I got to lose?! it's ur grandma, jk!
Who’s more pimp’n, Nysnc or Backstreetboys? N'sync all the way! lol
Are you related to any car salesmen? not that i kno of...but i could have a long lost cousin or somethin'
Would you bark like a dog for a Klondike Bar? yeah, but only if my bark sounds very vicious so
that way you would have to give me one
Hamster? Spanish!

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