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Big Pimp'n fo Lil Shoobs

-fo the kids who think their pimp

Lil Shoobs
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.The Rules.

♥ To join you must fill out the application and post it on our board. Us pimps will vote you in... or not. But don't feel bad if we decide your not pimp enough... its not a big deal. oh and you can send in a new application every week.
♥ When voting... put "accepted" or "denied" in all caps in the subject line.
♥ Voting... five pimp'n-->accepted ... three nimp'n-->denied
♥ Make your posts friends only. Go here for help. But make your applications public.
♥ Do not change or leave out any questions on the application.
♥ When you post your application, pictures or a really long entry you must use an lj-cut. Go here for help.
♥ You can advertise other communities on our board as long as you put our pimp'n ad in their community too.
♥ Your rank will go up when you invite pimps.

.The Application.

♥ Make the questions bold please

Who invited you?
Innie or Outtie?
Top 5 favorite pimp’n words:
Top 5 favorite pimp’n bands:
Favorite time of day to pick your boogers:
What should I name my next alpaca?
What would you do if you peed your pants in a chocolate factory?
Will you prank call my Grandma?
Who’s more pimp’n, Nysnc or Backstreetboys?
Are you related to any car salesmen?
Would you bark like a dog for a Klondike Bar?

Post at least 2 pictures of yourself being a pimp’n shoob.

.The Pimp'n Shoobs.

Queen - lazylaur
Princess - desertdaisy2005
Shoob - greatestgeek
Shoob - cherryblossom24
Shoob - sierramst978
Shoob - jadorechocolate
Shoob - halva20
Shoob - msoperaguy
Shoob - crazy_em
Shoob - horserygirl

.The Advertisement.

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