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disappointed in starbucks!

ok. this is like a total shock but i am now boycotting starbucks. you wanna know why? because the starbucks company owner is a backstabbing bastard. honestly, giving a certain amount of your profits to kill innocent people in the middle east. now everytime i so much as think of a frappacino, i feel like barfing. stupid starbucks! and pretending as if theyre all innocent. grrr! id rather go get a jamba juice instead. at least theyre healthy! besides, i figured out how to make homemade frappacinos. hahaha! i know i might sound as if i am getting really carried away, but seriously. think about paying starbucks like 5 dollars everytime you go. that five dollars is going to the zionists who will then fund a group of people (cant say who cuz you know how the FBI and CIA might arrest me if i reveal their filthy secret)who will then buy all the weapons they can get and go bomb middle eastern houses. first coca cola, then starbucks. sorry guys, but starbucks is beyond my wanting to go there! i feel good about it though. like i am actually making a difference in saving someone's life!
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