Lauren (horseygirl) wrote in lil_shoobs,

Name: Laurg...aka lauren
Age: 14
Gender: im an "it" actually im a girl
Location: unfortuantely peoria az
Who invited you? queen laurs
Innie or Outtie? innie
Top 5 favorite pimp’n words: 1-pimp 2- swell 3- peachy
4- nifty 5 narb
Top 5 favorite pimp’n bands: hmmm....1-velvet revolver
2-yellowcard 3-metallica 4- blink 182 5- nirvana
Favorite time of day to pick your boogers: definately night
What should I name my next alpaca? Shoob or Fluffy or Spike
What would you do if you peed your pants in a chocolate factory? hehe...I would laugh..then go to a bathroom...then get some yummy chocolate
Will you prank call my Grandma? if it wont give her a heart attack, sure
Who’s more pimp’n, Nysnc or Backstreetboys? hmmm..thats a tough one....Im gonna say n'sync
Are you related to any car salesmen? not dad used to be one though
Would you bark like a dog for a Klondike Bar? heck yeah
Hamster? ye yeah

Post at least 2 pictures of yourself being a pimp’n shoob. Im not technologically advanced yet, but I will try to do that soon
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